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Athens & Epidaurus Festival 2017


Athens & Epidaurus Festival
28 June 2017

Kostas Panteris (coordinator)

Sixty musicians and twenty dancers will infuse the stage of the Odeon of Herodes Atticus with the Cretan spirit, through a number of songs that will paint a complete picture of the musical landscape of the island of Crete, delivering its collective memory and knowledge in a compact form. Coming all the way from Crete, this concert is dedicated to the richness and beauty of Cretan music. Motifs and songs representative of Cretan musical traditions will be featured, such as the rizitika, the tabachaniotika with bulgari, Cretan serenades (kantades) with violin and mandolin, askomandoura and thiambioli from Mount Ida, as well as popular songs from the island’s rich cultural legacy. The performance will also throw a spotlight on women’s contribution to the musical tradition of Crete, drawing on lullabies, mantinades, and excerpts from the 17th-century romance Erotokritos. The stage of the Roman theatre will fill to the brim with lyres and violins from all over Crete for one evening of moving, inspiring music..

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