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APM Library: New Αcquisitions 2014

New Αcquisitions of the APM Library

In 2014 the APM Library was enriched with following acquisitions:

  1. Books (ca. 120 vol)
  2. Primary journals (1 vol)
  3. Secondary journals (ca. 250 vol)

From the library of Prof. Xenophon Moussas

Books (3 vol)
  1. C. T. Russell (ed.), The Cassini-Huygens Mission, Kluwer Academic Publishers 2004 (two copies of vol. 2)
  2. Ιω. Ξανθάκης (επιμ.), Το Μυστηριώδες Σύμπαν και η Σύγχρονος Αστροναυτική, Εκδ. Φάρος, Αθήνα 1957

APM Library    APM Library

From the library of Emmanuil Manousos

Books (6 vol)
  1. Emmanuil Manousos, The Theory of Selfvariations, Hellenic Physical Society Publications, Athens 2011
  2. Emmanuil Manousos, On the Origin of Matter, Hellenic Physical Society Publications, Athens 2011 (3 copies)
  3. Μανώλης Μανούσος, Η Καταγωγή της Ύλης, Ένωση Ελλήνων Φυσικών, Αθήνα 2011 (2 copies)

Primary Journals (1 vol)

  • Progress in Physics, publ. by Dmitri Rabounski, vol. 9/3, 2013

    APM Library, Emmanuil ManousosIMG_20151125_133330 (2)    IMG_20151125_133254 (2)APM Library    IMG_20151125_133441 (2)IMG_20151125_133458 (2)    APM Library

From the library of Kyriakos Kefalas

Secondary Journals (103+ vol)
  1. Scientific American, (86 vol. in total)
  2. Spectrum der Wissenschaft, 2002 – 2011 (17 vol. in total)

APM Library, scientific american    APM Library

List incomplete.


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