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Greek Books Published Before 1800 in Private Collections

bibliothecagraeca.com offers a free platform for the presentation of books of Greek interest published before 1800. It is open to anyone who owns or has a collection or is interested in such books. It also offers a range of services, some of them free of charge, for ex.: Presentation of books on the platform and price estimate (free), contact to buyers, contact to sellers, bibliographical in depth information (free), a certificate of authenticity signed by experts, and general advice about books of Greek interest (free). Anyone who wants to use the site’s services please contact Kyriakos Kefalas through the contact form or by mail: krkefalas@gmail.com.

Here Greek books refers to books of Greek interest including, but not limited to, the Bibliography of Greek Books 1466-1800, by Thomas Papadopoulos (1984-86) [1], which among others includes the books described in Bibilographie Hellenique by Emile Legrand [2] and its extensions [3].

Part II: 1501-1600

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Gregorius Nazianzenus, Opera,
Johannes Herwagen, Basel 1550.
Cont. leather binding dated 1575 on spine.
Printer’s cut on title.
Greek, 1st Herwagen ed. (BC1611)



Appianus Alexandrinus, Romanorum historiarum Celtica, Lybica,Carthaginensis…,
Carolus Stephanus, Paris 1551
Vellum binding from the notable engraver Josiah Allen, Birmingham, ca. 1840.
Greek, ed. princeps, the supreme example of grecs du roi of Claude Garamont (the first classical text printed in all three sizes). (BC1612)



Diodorus Siculus, Bibliothecae historicae,
Henri Estienne, Geneve 1559.
Cont. royal leather brown marocco (?) binding of king Louis with gold crown in the middle.
Greek, ed. princeps of the books ?.
Provenance: Ex. libris: Viscount Mersey Bignor Park. (BC1613)



Biblia graeca, Novum Iesu Christi Domini Nostri Testamentum,
Froschauer, Zuerich 1559
Cont. leather binding with 1 clasp (of 2).
Greek. (BC1614)



Budaeus, Guilelmus, L. Tusanus, Dictionarum Graecum,
Petri, Basel 1568.
Cont. leather binding.
Greek & latin. (BC1615)
1568  500*
  Isocrates, Scripta quae quidem nove extant omnia…
Oporinus, Basel 1570.
Cont. blind stamped pigskin with two clasps and initials “STA”
35x20cm?, 2 vol in 1.
Greek & latin, (BC1616)
 1570  500*
  Demosthenes, Λόγοι και προοίμια διμηγορικά…
J. Benenatus, Paris 1570.
18th cent. leather binding.
Impressive woodcut initials.
Provenance: Colonel Cooper, ex. Libris: Holzapfel. (BC1617)
 1570  500*
  Arrianus Flavius, De expeditione Alex. Magni historiam libri VIII
H. Estienne, Geneva 1575.
Cont. vellum binding.
Greek & latin, 1st ed. (BC1618)
 1575  400*
  Oratorum veterum orationes
H. Estienne, Geneva 1575.
Red marocco binding.
Printer’s cut on titlepage, woodcut ?, many woodcut initials.
Greek & latin. (BC1619)
 1575  700*
  Johannes Damascenus, Opera omnia quidem extant (Γεώργιος Τραπεζούντιος)
Petri, Basel 1575.
Cont. leather, with rare bottom flap-title, a proof that books were stored horizontal at the time.
Greek & latin. 3rd ec. (BC1620)
 1575  1200*


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