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Bibliotheca Graeca 4

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Greek Books Published Before 1800 in Private Collections

bibliothecagraeca.com offers a free platform for the presentation of books of Greek interest published before 1800. It is open to anyone who owns or has a collection or is interested in such books. It also offers a range of services, some of them free of charge, for ex.: Presentation of books on the platform and price estimate (free), contact to buyers, contact to sellers, bibliographical in depth information (free), a certificate of authenticity signed by experts, and general advice about books of Greek interest (free). Anyone who wants to use the site’s services please contact Kyriakos Kefalas through the contact form or by mail: krkefalas@gmail.com.

Books of Greek interest include, but are not limited to, the Bibliography of Greek Books 1466-1800, by Thomas Papadopoulos (1984-86) [1], which among others includes the books described in Bibilographie Hellenique by Emile Legrand [2] and its extensions [3].

Part II: 1501-1600

(1) Books with asterisk* on price are for sale.
Price estimates are based on latest information and may change.
Price estimates reflect the sellers price (5% handling fee and shipment not included).

(2) Rarity indicates the average year intervals at which a book appears at auction.
Rarity C considers only complete copies while Rarity I considers incomplete or imperfect copies as well.
(Information is taken from major auction monitoring sites which have more or less complete records from year 2004).
A large number of auction houses is being monitored. Multiple appearance of the same copy is taken care of.
(In-)completeness is implicated from given online descriptions. However sometimes incompleteness is not explicitly mentioned, hence some books may be rarer in complete state than indicated.

No 21-30






1.  Xenophon, Quae extant opera, Part I,
H. Estienne, [Geneva] 1581.
2.  Xenophon, Quae extant opera (int. Bessarione), Part II,
H. Estienne, [Geneva] 1596.
Latin translation.
Cont. leather binding with full fleur de lyse decoration in gold with large emblem in the middle.  (BC16021)




(part I only)

Homer, Quae extant omnia, Ilias, Odyssea, Batrachomyomachia,
Basel 1583.
Cont. vellum. (BC16022)





Dionysius Halicarnasseus, Scripta quae extant omnia, historica et rhetorica,
heredes Andreae Wecheli, Frankfurt 1586.
2 vol in 1.
Greek & latin.
Cont. vellum with large blind stamped medaillion. (BC16023)





Isocrates, Scripta quae quidem nove extant omnia…,
Oporinus, Basel 1587.
Greek & latin.
Cont. vellum with two clasps. (BC16024)





Hieronymus Wolf (edit), Historia Rerum in Oriente Gestarum, …Assyriorum, Medorum, et Persarum, Graecorum & Macedonum…
(Zonaras, Laocitas, Gregoras, Nicetas)
Laonicus Chalcocondylas, History of the Turcs,
P. Schmidt for S. Feyerabend, Frankfurt 1587.
Latin, 1st collected ed. of these works.
Cont. blind stamped pigskin with gold inscript: *OBER*RATH* (BC16025)
1587  1500* 3 3
  Aristoteles, Ars rhetorica lib. III,
Frankfurt 1588.
Greek & latin.
Cont. vellum, (BC16026)
 1588 200* 10 10
  Astronomica veterum scripta,
Proclus Diadochus, De sphaera
Aratus Solensis, Phenomena,
Leontius Mechanicus de constructione Arateae Sphaerae
C. Jul. Hyginus, Poeticon Astronomicon,
Officina Sanctandreana (H. Commelin?), Heidelberg 1589
Cont. vellum.
48 woodcuts of constellations
Greek (& latin). (BC16027)
 1589  950* 2 1
  Dio Cassius, Romanorum historiarum libri XXV,
H. Estienne, Paris 1591
Cont. vellum.
Greek & latin. (BC16028)
 1591 450* 4 4
  Anthologia Graeca, Epigrammatum Graecorum libri VIII,(scholia graeca Marcus Musurus),
Weidmann, Frankfurt 1600
Cont. leather.
Greek & latin. (BC16029)
 1600  400* 6 6
  Carminum poetarum, Alkaeus, Sappho
P. Stephanus, 1600
Cont. vellum.
Greek & latin. (BC16030)
 1600  200* 8 8
Plutarch, Sumni et philosophi historia parallela,
Aemili Porti
liber de vita excell. Imperatorum,
Johannes Sauer for Willer, Frankfurt 1600
Cont. leather with gold medaillions at center
Many text woodcuts
Latin. (BC16031)
1600 350* 6 6
11-20 21-30

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