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Bibliotheca Graeca 2

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Greek Books Published Before 1800 in Private Collections

Stressing Connections between Books and Poeple

bibliothecagraeca.com offers a free platform for the presentation of books of Greek interest published before 1800. It is open to anyone who owns or has a collection or is interested in such books. It also offers a range of services, some of them free of charge, for ex.: Presentation of books on the platform and price estimate (free), contact to buyers, contact to sellers, bibliographical in depth information (free), a certificate of authenticity signed by experts, and general advice about books of Greek interest (free). Anyone who wants to use the site’s services please contact Kyriakos Kefalas through the contact form or by mail: krkefalas@gmail.com.

Here Greek books refers to books of Greek interest including, but not limited to, the Bibliography of Greek Books 1466-1800, by Thomas Papadopoulos (1984-86) [1], which among others includes the books described in Bibilographie Hellenique by Emile Legrand [2] and its extensions [3].

Part II: 1501-1600

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Origenes, Adamantius, Opera,
Iodocus Badius Ascensis for Johannes Parvus (Jean Petit), Paris 1512.
Cont. leather binding.
Vol. I & II of 4.
Two titlepages with woodcut decoration prited in red & black ?
Latin, 1st ed. of the opera ?,. (BC161)



Plutarchus, Vitae,
Iodocus Badius Ascensis for Johannes Parvus (Jean Petit), Paris 1514.
Cont. half leather on wooden boards.
(1 leaf -fol 2- supplied in copy).
1st latin ed. outside Italy, rare copy with variant title page (Jean Petit mark at the center). (BC162)



Aristoteles, Ethici seu morales philosophorum, by Antonio Sylvestro, int. Argyropilo,
J. Badius & Bern. Aubry, Paris 1517.
Cont. French leather binding.
Titlepage with large woodcut.
Latin, 1st ed. by Sylvestro. (BC163)



Xenophon, Della vita di Cyro (trad. Iacopo di Messer Fiorentino),
Gregorio de Gregori, Venice 1524.
Leather binding.
Rare 2nd italian ed. (BC164)



Budaeus, Guilelmus, Commentarii Linguae Graecae,
Badius Ascensius, Paris 1529.
Cont. leather binding.
33×22 cm?, [10] (of [20])+967+[1] (missing 10 lvs at the beginning).
Greek (& some latin), 1st. ed. of this monumental lexicon which initiated the foundation of College de France. 1st printing of greek cursiva in France. (BC165)
1529  1000*
  Dio Cassius, Historico delle guerre & fatti de Romani (Nicolo Leoninceno),
N. d’Aristotile di Ferrara detto Zoppino, Venice 1533.
Vellum binding.
24 textual woodcuts of ?,
Italian, (BC166)
 1533  500*
   Theocritus, Idyllia XXXVI eiusdem epigrammata XIX…, Scholia Z. Callierghi,
Heirs of A. Cratander, Basel 1541.
Cont. ?  vellum in red.
Printer’s cut.
Greek (& some latin). (BC167)
 1541  500*
  Biblia Graeaca, Της Καινής Διαθήκης Άπαντα,
Robert Stephen, Paris 1546.
17-18 cent. leather binding.
264 lvs, only part I containing the Gospels and Acts of the Apostles with the text in Greek missing part II (181 lvs) with the Epistles and Revelation, together with a french translation of part I (198 lvs) from another edition.
1 printer’s cut.
Greek & latin, 1st ed. by Robert Estienne of the famous “O Mirificam” ed. printed with the “grec du roi” of Claude Garamond. (BC168)
 1546  800*
  Aristoteles, Ethicorum ad Nicomachum libri decem (int. Ioanne Argiropylo),
Theob. Paganus Lyon 1547.
Cont. vellum.
Printer’s cut.
Latin, a rare edition.
Provenance: Ex. libris Angelo George Kirby Hayter. (BC169)
 1547  800*
  Aristoteles, Metaphysicorum libri XIIII (int. Bessarion),
Theophrastus, Των μετά τα Φυσικά,
Averrois Cordubensis, Documenta & Digressiones,
Marco Antonio Zimara, Contradictiones,
Theob. Paganus Lyon 1547.
19-20th cent. (?)  green leather.
Printer’s cut,many figurative woodcut initials.
Latin & Greek, extremely rare ed. not in Pap 1984-86, nor in any standard bibliography.
Provenance: Ex. libris Spoll. (BC1610)
 1547  1200*






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