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Greek Books Published Before 1800, in Private Collections

Stressing Connections between Books and Poeple

bibliothecagraeca.com offers a free platform for the presentation of books of Greek interest published before 1800. It is open to anyone who owns or has a collection or is interested in such books. It also offers a range of services, some of them free of charge, for ex.: Presentation of books on the platform and price estimate (free), contact to buyers, contact to sellers, bibliographical in depth information (free), a certificate of authenticity signed by experts, and general advice about books of Greek interest (free). Anyone who wants to use the site’s services please contact Kyriakos Kefalas through the contact form or by mail: krkefalas@gmail.com.

Books of Greek interest include, but are not limited to, the Bibliography of Greek Books 1466-1800, by Thomas Papadopoulos (1984-86) [1], which among others includes the books described in Bibilographie Hellenique by Emile Legrand [2] and its extensions [3].

Part I: 1466-1500 (Incunabula)

(1) Books with asterisk* on price are for sale.
Price estimates are based on latest information and may change.
Price estimates reflect the sellers price (5% handling fee and shipment not included).

(2) Rarity indicates the average year intervals at which a book appears at auction.
Rarity C considers only complete copies while Rarity I considers incomplete or imperfect copies as well.
(Information is taken from major auction monitoring sites which have more or less complete records from year 2004).
A large number of auction houses is being monitored. Multiple appearance of the same copy is taken care of.
(In-)completeness is implicated from given online descriptions. However sometimes incompleteness is not explicitly mentioned, hence some books may be rarer in complete state than indicated.


 No. 1-4




Breydenbach, Berhard von, Corfun (Pregrinatio in Terram Sanctam),
Erhard Reuwich, Mainz 1486 ?.
One double page woodcut with the first existing original view of Corfu in 1483. (BC153)



B66-085 Sacro Bosco, Johannes de, Sphaera mundi,
Regiomontanus, Johannes, Contra Cremonensia in planetarum,
Purbachius, Georgius, Theoricae novae planetarum,
Guilelmus Anima Mia Tridinensis, Venice 14 Jan 1491.
182x143mm, [48] lvs, ca. 19th cent. cardboard binding.
Wholepage colored woodcut frontispiece portraying Astronomia flanked by Urania and Ptolemaeus, 95 textual woodcuts (7 of them printed in two colors, with stencil ?) and 17 woodcut initials (4 of them colored).
Latin, ? ed. of the most important astronomical texts in late medieval times. (BC154)



Rhodis (from Burry Ruderman) 33905 Koberger, Anton, Rhodis (Liber Chronicarum),
Anton Koberger, Nuernberg 1493.
Rhodos woodcut, 1 leaf with half page woodcut of Rhodos copied by Koberger from the original made by Erhard Reuwich, first published 1486 in, Berhard von Breydenbach, Peregrinatio in Terram Sanctam, Mainz. (BC151)



Questio, De Proprietatibus Elementorum Questio,
Heinrich Quentell, Koeln 1496.
10 lvs (1 leaf –fol 6- suppled in facsimile).
Latin, 1st and only ed. before 1500. One of the earliest scientific treatment of an unknown Arabic author (…ca 6-7th cent) about the elements, ultimately based on  Aristoteles (the text was circulating for a long time under the name pseudo-Aristoteles). No other copy appeared in listed auctions for 30 years (maybe unique copy in private collection). (BC152)




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