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Alien Visits (Kyriakos Kefalas)


Does the apparent lack of alien visits on Earth imply their non-existence ? This question of alien visits has puzzled many scientists and laymen. There is no easy answer. However after discarding answers that we consider either flawed or highly improbable, a few remain that seem sufficiently reasonable. These are…

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Shannon’s idea of information in biological respiratory sedimentation (Ioannis Haranas*, Ioannis Gkigkitzis**)

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The concept of “information” is widely used in modern science and means “data” or “message”. In spite its use by various scientists no physical essence can be still attached to it. The first appearance of the original concept of information theory took place during the development of various communications systems, which had to ensure information transfer or exchange. The operational principles of various systems obey strictly the laws of physics,…

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5-Dim General Relativity (Paul Wesson)

hypercube Our group is using an extension of general relativity from four to five dimensions where the extra dimension is interpreted as giving rise to matter. Hence the name, Space-Time-Matter theory. Mathematically, STM theory is based on an old embedding theorem of Campbell, which ensures that the 5D Ricci-flat field equations contain the 4D Einstein field equations with matter. Physically, the forms of 4D…

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Cosmological redshift of distant astronomical objects (E. Manousos)

High redshift galaxies (Hubble Space Telescop)

Cosmological redshift of distant astronomical objects as a result of a fundamental principle of nature. Each atom emits or absorbs photons with strictly defined wavelengths. The detection of one of these wavelengths from the line spectrum, as it is called,  is the signature of the atom which emits or absorbs the photons. The study of the line spectrum of astronomical…( gr 13 pix )

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Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR)

Planck-600x600 Three generations of satellites leaded to an ever more accurate sky map of the Cosmic Microwave Background Radiation (CMBR), at roughly 10 year intervals. The standard cosmological model (SCM) needs the “inflation hypothesis” to justify the flatness of the universe, while the temperature difference between the two hemispheres cannot be justified…

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Theory of Selfvariations (TSV) (Emmanuil Manousos)

The Theory of Selfvariations (TSV) is a physical theory originated by the Greek mathematician Emmanuil Manousos in 2007. It relies on the assumption of a continuous slight increase of the rest mass and electric charge of material particles called the selfvariations. The selfvariations are strictly defined by the law of the selfvariations and are consistent with the fundamental principles of physics.


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