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Our purpose is the progress and advancement of Physics and Mathematics. In particular the progress and advancement of the physical Theory of Selfvariations, originated by Emmanuil Manoussos in 2007.

As progress is meant the development of science in cognitive level, i.e. to find and develop new original and innovative principles, statements and scientific methods, the exploration and development of applications, the resolution of theoretical and practical problems and the conduction of related researches. For physics it includes the theoretical interpretation and explanation of experimental data and the conduction of experiments to confirm the theory. For mathematics it includes the investigation of computational data in search for patterns and the performance of computations to check the mathematical models.

Progress is documented through publications, mainly in primary scientific journals, through publishing of academic level books and also through announcements in scientific conferences and online.

Advancement means the support for the dissemination of scientific knowledge, primarily in the scientific community and secondarily in the wider society. In particular the support for the dissemination of the Theory of Selfvariations, in order to become better known to the scientific community and the general public. The Theory of Selfvariations gives a new interpretation of physical reality, especially in the field of cosmology, quantum mechanics and dynamic fields and has enormous importance for understanding the world in which we live.

The advancement is substantiated by the same means as progress is, and moreover with publications in secondary journals and the press, including publishing to a wider readership, creating infrastructure for dissemination via the Internet (websites, etc) and in general with organizing and participating in actions that promote the scientific theories and their applications.

The progress and advancement of science includes the support of researchers with innovative ideas and proposals in any scientific field.

The purpose includes the creation of a scientific library whose central themes are physics, mathematics and philosophy, without excluding other scientific fields.

The purpose also includes the creation of the necessary infrastructure, the use of appropriate human resources and maintaining the organization to achieve these goals and objectives.

In the area of financing, a main objective is finding grants and contributions, without excluding other legitimate alternative revenue sources.


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